Your next career is helping animals.

I thought someone might identify with this Facebook request for help. This person was deciding whether or not Vet Tech school was the best venue for her to help animals. I offered advice and encouragement. Here’s the (edited) transcript:


I need advice… I was all about going to school and getting my degree to be a Vet Tech, but now I’m thinking that it’s just too much stress on me. I’ve already spent 6 years working towards getting my Bachelor’s Degree while working full time and had a fabulous husband support me. Do I really want to go through all that again? Stressing about getting homework done or studying when we want to fix things in the house or go on golfing trips or to the mountains or hang out with family and friends? I’m struggling with this because I want to follow my heart, but I need to be realistic about what I would be putting myself and those that I love through.

Jonathan: There are alternative ways to help animals that are much less stressful. Consider canine massage.

Response: Jonathan I’m totally thinking about going the canine massage route. I’ve always said I wanted to start my own canine massage business prior to deciding to try the vet tech route. I think this is sort of a sign for me to pursue my original dream of starting a canine massage/indoor canine swimming facility business.

Jonathan: I’m here to guide you when you’re ready.

Response to all who had commented:

Thank you all for the motivating words. I think Mindi has a good point in that if I TRULY wanted to be a vet tech I would not be questioning whether to continue or not. I do think that this is a sign that I pursue my TRUE heart and get certified in canine massage and try to start my own business. Over the last 6-7 years I’ve thought about starting my own canine massage business/indoor swimming facility and I’ve put A LOT of thought into what it would take to do that and how I would like to do it. The end of last year I thought becoming a Vet Tech would be fulfilling because my love for ALL animals is so strong, but I think maybe doing the canine massage will be more fulfilling with less of the upsetting aspect of being a vet tech.

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