Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At the PetMassage Training and Research Institute we train people to give educated, competent and confident nurturing massage to their dogs. We train trainers in PetMassage techniques and theories to reach and teach more dog owners. We increase public and professional awareness of the uses and benefits of PetMassage™.

PetMassage techniques are compatible with every known form of canine care, from the traditional veterinary to esoteric energy-massage therapies.

Students from all around the world create successful canine PetMassage businesses. Our younger students support their dogs with PetMassage and learn to co-exist safely and gracefully with dogs by understanding and adopting PetMassage canine body language skills.

Through PetMassage research, we assess and document the value and efficacy of PetMassage dry and in water, PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage.

A statement of commitment

PetMassage Ltd is dedicated to excellence in the development, growth, and training of canine massage.

The goals of PetMassage are to

• Grow the international canine massage industry through leading, setting an example, educating, mentoring, and lobbying
• Encourage and provide training to pet parents and their families to PetMassage their dogs
• Encourage and facilitate students from every state in the US, and many countries from all over the world to create successful businesses in their communities.
• Provide continuing personal support via e-mail and our 800 number.

PetMassage Ltd is dedicated to excellence in the development, growth, and training of canine massage.

PetMassage trains and assists students as they develop successful practices all over the world. PetMassage students benefit from continuing personal support via e-mail and our 800 number. So, whether it is a question about marketing brochures, methodologies that you are concerned about implementing with specific dog breeds, temperaments, or physical conditions, or legal and ethical issues, once you complete a hands-on workshop, we remain available for FREE consultations. We note with pride that some of our earliest students have continued to call on us for consultations and advise; some for over 15 years!

PetMassage is a hands-on skill. As such, it is best learned one-on-one with an instructor. PetMassage with dogs requires an array of skills and a specific body of knowledge. PetMassage instruction moves the student beyond the basic skills of canine massage and incorporates aspects of canine psycho-social behavior, dog handling, Eastern and Western veterinary medical practices, alternative and integrative animal care practices, including healing touch, Reiki, sound, light, polarity, animal communication, and the philosophies of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gung.

Tenets of PetMassage

  • We believe that PetMassage is a fundamental need for dogs, like food, shelter, exercise, training, grooming and veterinary care. Each enhances every dog’s quality of life.
  • We believe that PetMassage helps dog owners and pet parents connect to their dogs to forge bonds that last a lifetime.
  • We believe that PetMassage integrates perfectly with veterinary care.
  • We believe that practicing PetMassage professionally fulfills the dreams of people who want a career helping dogs.
  • We believe that PetMassage teaches people, especially children, to interact with dogs respectfully and safely.
  • PetMassage is an essential element for shifting the energy of our planet. With it’s practice we become more balanced, aware, loving, empathetic, understanding, and enduring.