Mission Statement

Mission Statement

One of your greatest resources is your business. So, this is the time to look at your Mission Statement to make sure that you are still on the right track. If you are not, rewrite it.

Make it your declaration of who you see yourself being. Make it your declaration of what you see yourself doing, in real terms, today and tomorrow.

Why are you practicing canine massage, or whatever your business is?

Are you living up to your expectations?

Have you created a definition of your ideal administrator and facilitator, what their responsibilities are, and how they personify these ideal behaviors?

George Washington, an example

George Washington, when he was appointed the inaugural president, realized that he had to define the political position because no one had ever previously had that kind of post. Washington visualized what the ideal political leader for a new nation would do; how he would act, how he would relinquish some of his power to congress and the courts.

Washington defined the position. It was a Mission Statement.

He decided that the post should be held for no more that two four-year terms.

This is 18th Century SEO. Everything a president does is done at the highest quality he can imagine. Everything a president does he does at the high level necessary to dignify the position of president. Every meeting, every speech, every written correspondence, every decision, was held up to this level of scrutiny.

Oh sure, that was the “great” Washington’s Mission Statement. I’m not Washington.

Writing a Mission Statement is an important part of maintaining and growing your life’s work. Your Mission Statement is simply a sentence or paragraph that you create that defines your vision of what you are doing and the reason you are doing it.

A roadmap.

Think of it as a roadmap. You can get from point A to point B without one; and you may get so distracted by the roadside squirrels and diversions, your journey takes much longer than you want. You could use the map as a reference guide. It is a generalized projection of your route, open to negotiation, and open to reinterpretation. See your plan as a physical thing. It will give you more confidence, more security, a reference, a touch-point.

Mission Statement fills in the blanks

Why are you providing the service you currently offer?
Who benefits from your work?
Is your advertising and media content current?
What is your plan now and what do you want to do NEXT?
How do you envision your services expanding?
How are you planning to reach more clients?

Travel through time and space

With your Mission statement completed, you are reminded –because I’m reminding you, here- that the statements you write now, are ever evolving. What you wrote last year, or in 2005, may or may not still be relevant to your current life and times.

Perhaps you’ve drifted a bit; softened your focus.
Mission statements are simply a documentation of your view from here. Tomorrow, the horizon may be higher or lower, hidden in the mist, blanketed with wild flowers or glistening in a rainbow.

One thing we know for certain: You are wiser and more experienced than you were. Another thing we know for certain: you will adjust to your new economic and legal ecosystems.

Another thing we know for certain: it is easier to travel with a roadmap.



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