Anastasia’s Guides are talking to us

Anastasia’s Guides are talking to us

During a recent meditation, Anastasia was guided to send the November, 2015 PetMassage Foundation students the following information, which also applies to those of us who are already working on developing our canine massage practice.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful in creating your new career.

Suggestions for creating your new career:

  1. Be patient.
  2. Review the three PetMassage DVD’s and marketing book frequently.
  3. Practice PetMassage on many live dogs.
  4. Sit and mentally visualize future PetMassage sessions. Repeat frequently.
  5. Remember to approve of yourself.
  6. Continue to affirm your power and commitment to become a PetMassage practitioner. You may be tested by others who long to change their own career.
  7. Surround yourself with supportive, loving friends and family.
  8. “Bless” people when they question you.
  9. Lighten up and love yourself.
  10. Trust your intuition.
  11. Focus on “loving intention” in your entire life.
  12. When fear shows up, express it your own special way, be it dance, writing, drawing, exercise, or whatever helps you release it.

The guides have more suggestions.

Anastasia’s Guides are suggesting you purchase the following.  Who are we to disagree?

These will also make wonderful happy holiday gifts:

PetMassageTM 3-part set
Creating and Marketing Your Animal Massage Business
Dog Handling in Canine Massage, Yoga Consciousness
How to Massage My Older Dog (now on Kindle)


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