Change is scary; and, change is the only way we grow.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”-Albert Einstein

“If your dog always acts, moves, and lives how he’s always moved, acted, and lived, he will always move, act and live the way he does.”- Jonathan Rudinger

Our dogs have developed learned reflexes or habits that supplement their intuitive responses. Each has a personally developed set of moves, based on their experiences and the way they have processed their life experiences. The habits determine who they are. They determine who they think they are. They determine HOW they think and WHAT they think about. They determine how they move, how they age, how they respond to stress, how they bounce back from adversity.

Your dog will never change his life until he changes something he does daily. The secret to your dog’s health and wellness is found in his daily routine.

Your dog’s body has learned, through trial and error, noticing what feels good and what doesn’t, and how to move. Some of your dogs’ fundamental decisions that appear to be hard-wired, may not be in their best interests.

If you want to see different results, give your dog different choices. He’ll choose the one that is best for him, his body, and his quality of life optimization.

Often we – and our dogs – are not aware that we have choices. Sometimes we choose to remain in our patterns because it feels safe to stay with a known situation; even if that situation is not in our best interests. Whew boy! Don’t we know about that?

Your dogs – and we – always have the options to make other choices. When given the possibility, the opportunity, and the means to shift angles, vectors and patterns of movement, dogs naturally and spontaneously self-readjust.

Myofascial work

PetMassageTM has developed a unique form of myofascial work. Myo refers to muscle tissue. Fascial refers to the matrix of connective tissue that is the body-mind-spirit structural support system.

The significance of the myofascial matrix has changed as recently as the last decade. Anatomists used to describe the structure of the body as beginning with the skeleton, and over it was draped the fascia containing the muscles and nervous systems and organs. Our more evolved vision of the body is first there is the fascia, containing the organs, muscles and nervous systems, and the systems for intercommunication of all of these, and there as the framework for movement is the skeleton.

Skeletal movement is only a fraction of the function of the body. And, skeletal movement only happens by the action of muscles on bones. The action of muscles on bones can only happen when there is a clear signal through the fascia telling them what to do.

PetMassageTM Myofascial work affects the communication network for all of the many physiological and kinesthetic processes in your dog.

PetMassageTM Myofascial work works light, works medium, and works deep to the body.

One part of PetMassageTM Myofascial work includes holding the surface tissues in slight traction or mild contraction. Dogs notice the differences in the way their bodies are normally experienced and carried. Dogs immediately recognize that there are other possible ways to react, respond, interpret, express needs, and so on.

Your dog’s surface tissues communicate with the structures that encapsulate muscle groups and organs. The connective tissue under the layers of coat, skin, nerves and fat, senses when there are opportunities to be more effective as part of the system for healthy body function. The reeducation of the tissues is a natural process.

Everything in the body is connected. Every element in the body is communicating with the rest of the body. Softening muscle or connective tissues beneath the coat, allows the organs and bones to discover alternatives in their parts of the conversation. So, tendons and ligaments release their tensions and the bones in joints settle into each other more amicably. Organs settle into each other more comfortably. Cardiovascular circulation, respiration, nerve function, digestion, endocrine function, and skeletal health are enhanced. In other words, dogs feel better, sleep better, move better, digest their food better, and overall, have a better quality of life.

How can simply holding the surface tissues in a certain way have an effect on your dog?

Your dog’s surface tissues hold the thousands of acupoints (acupressure and acupuncture) that support or impede the flow of ch’i through the body. These points are always located in valleys in the tissues. We find them between textures of surface coat, in joints, between muscles, and in the folds of the skin.

PetMassageTM Myofascial work

So, with PetMassageTM Myofascial work, acupoints open and balance, chains of acupoint called meridians move into balance, lymphatic nodes express themselves, blood flow and nerve conductivity are experienced as enhanced. This means that your dog’s body and mind flexibility increases. Mobility increases. Socialization increases. Happiness, contentment, and wellness, all increase.

PetMassageTM Myofascial work does not intentionally manipulate the tissues to do anything. The way it works is PetMassageTM Myofascial work enhances awareness of capacity within the dog’s tissues so the dog’s tissues are able to discover and affect their own changes. This is self healing.

It is significant to note that the dogs cannot make their corrections for self healing on their own. They require someone trained in PetMassageTM Myofascial work to facilitate the process.

PetMassageTM Myofascial work releases tension and constriction in muscles and fascia. PetMassageTM Myofascial work releases tension and constriction in the acupoints in the skin and in the joints (where most acupoints are located). PetMassageTM Myofascial work releases tension and spasming in the neuromuscular junctions; in the trigger points. PetMassageTM Myofascial work releases tension and constriction in major and minor chakras. PetMassageTM Myofascial work enhances the effects of Reiki, Healing Touch, Aroma, Light, and sound therapy. PetMassageTM Myofascial work integrates completely with veterinary care, chiropractic, and homeopathy, optimizing the dogs bodies ability to accept treatments.

The body is wise

When given the multiple choice test, it will choose the right answer. PetMassageTM Myofascial work is a way for the intuitive wisdom to declare itself and move into its power.

“Wherever we are, it is but a stage on the way to somewhere else, and whatever we do, however well we do it, it is only a preparation to do something else that shall be different.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Choices for dogs and their caregivers

Until your dog’s caregivers recognize that they have choices in the way they care for their dogs, until their dogs recognize that they have choices, their health, wellness, attitude, and movement will not change. Until your dogs experience PetMassageTM Myofascial work, they will have neither the ways nor the means to make their shifts.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ” – Albert Einstein

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