Daddy’s home

As Lola. Camille. and I amble past a house on our evening walk,  we notice a young woman and her little person gardening in a side yard. A green VW beetle pulls into the driveway. The little one drops what he’s holding, turns, and runs toward the car shouting in the sweetest little voice, “Daddy’s home!”

I was captivated. The simplicity. The purity. The depth of emotion. The universal message. Daddy’s home.
I remembered shouting the same phrase, “Daddy’s home!” It was so exciting when my daddy drove up the driveway when he came home from work. I was so happy to see him. I was eager to get his big kiss on my forehead and his hug strong and safe. Whenever he came into view, I could think of nothing else. He was my world. It was very much like when my dogs see a squirrel.
The dogs and I paused in front of the next house. I needed a moment to process what I had just witnessed. This was not the time to pull or draw attention to themselves. They allowed me my introspection. Sadness swept over me. I caught my breath. I thought about my dad, who’s been gone for many years. I miss him. I ache for him from deep within my heart. I wished that I could see him again.
My Daddy’s home

I wanted to be reassured that “Daddy’s home.” Then, I realized that Daddy was home. He was where we all go in between our sequences of lives. After we die and before we’re alive, our souls are still extant. Our souls must exist somewhere, somehow. So in the in-between time, that’s where, or what, we are. It is our home base. Eventually, that’s everybody’s home.
More than in between time, it is all the time

It’s also everybody’s home concurrently with their living time.
The Great Gapsky

Hidden behind every thought, every action, every aspect and manifestation of personality, is our spiritual backbeat. This is our source. It’s our foundation, our underpinning, the Trip Tic of our personal journey. The gaps between our thoughts, the gaps between our heartbeats, and the spaces in your unconscious, where we store our memories and dreams are the same as the gaps between death and birth. It’s the matrix upon which our thoughts are embedded. This is the place of our intuitive spirit mind. Of deepest wisdom. This is the place that knows what is best for us and, if we allow it, to show us how to achieve it. 
In PetMassageTM, this is the place where our intention encourages dogs to go. When we incorporate PetMassageTM EnergyWork, cranial sacral, myofascial release, chakra balancing, polarity therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, EFT, and dousing, these are all used to get the dog to reconnect to “home.”
When dogs restore balance to their energy flow, when their bodies and spirits regain function, when their stars and their viscera realign, their bodies cry out in glee, just as my little neighbor did. There it is. I hear it: “Daddy’s home.”

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