Dogs need to scale the utmost height and catch the gleam of glory bright

Higher ground advantage

Over 2500 years ago, Sun Tzu wrote in his military treatise, the Art of War, “When the enemy occupies high ground, do not confront him. If he attacks downhill, do not oppose him.” The one who takes the higher ground has the advantage. This has been a guide for the military and popular culture ever since.

This was not that impressive an observation. He only had to watch how the animals around him interacted with each other.

Camille, our 3 year old boxer, has never heard of Sun Tzu’s theory. She puts it into practice, though, throughout her day. She bounds atop the ottoman, assumes her command position, and leans forward into her play bow. From her lookout position, she pounces down toward her elder sister lying nearby on the floor. Lola knows the code too. She has been tracking Camille and anticipating the mock attack. By the time Camille reaches her, she is up on all fours, tensed and ready to rise up for the mighty clash of the mini titans.

Challenge signal

We are often cautioned to beware of looking directly into a dog’s eyes. Your direct look could be interpreted as a challenge signal if the dog does not know you.

If you do lock eyes, the first one to blink, or look down is the subordinate. This also was not an original observation. I remember riding next to my brother in the back seat.

If you do happen to lock eyes with a dog and you sense that you are being drawn into a contest for who’s the leader, there is an easy -and elegant- way for you to take the high(er) ground. Simply allow your eyes to drift up so that your focus is on the fore-brow region above the dog’s eyes.

The dog will find herself looking beneath your gaze. Challenge averted. Yes, I have used this in PetMassageTM. It works. You’re welcome. It is also effective with dominating pet parents. You’re welcome.

We are not suggesting that you cannot gaze into your dog’s eyes. Of course you can. Dogs express their affection in their visual cues, just as we do. I’m tempted to include the lyrics to the Bacharach song, “The look of love,” but I won’t. You’re welcome.

PetMassageTM takes the higher ground

You can only be effective when you are the leader. Now you know that your eye movements are part of the language you can use to achieve that end. The leader is the one who holds the higher ground.

You’re “saying so much more than just words could ever say. And what my heart has heard, well it takes my breath away …” Couldn’t help myself. You’re welcome.

Your PetMassageTM practice is the higher ground. The dog’s higher ground is their utmost height, where they can catch the gleam of their cellular glory bright.

Remember, your dog can only get the benefits of your PetMassageTM when you administer it.

In the process of following and reacting to you, the dogs access possibilities they are unable to access on their own…without your participation.

Dogs live in the moment. Their good times are experienced spontaneously. Then, as they move forward, they grow into their newly formulated self-constructs, and continue to improve on and enhance their lives.

With PetMassageTM, dogs discover the physical and emotional balance, harmony, health, wellness, and happiness that they need.

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