Dousing: Muscle Testing in PetMassageTM

Limited uses for muscle testing

While the muscle testing techniques described last week are good for personal dilemmas, like whether to order the cheesecake or the chocolate lava with ice cream, whether to lease a BMW or a Lexus, or choosing between two brands of supplements, or selecting the best massage therapist for you, there is another, more effective form that we use in PetMassageTM for dogs.

Is this dog in pain? Yes. Okay, now what? What do we do with that information?

PetMassageTM is more concerned with movement, with wellness, and with the flow of chi energy, than getting straight, and limiting, yes and no responses.

More appropriate readings with pendulum dousing 

Dousing, using pendulums, works in a similar fashion. Dousing, searching for underground movement of energy, usually water, is a form of muscle testing.

Dousing messages are a bit different. A pendulum, circling in one direction indicates “yes” and circling in the other means “no.” The dousing pendulum gives more depth of information than “yes” or “no.” With practice you can feel qualities within the movement, beginning with strength or weakness. The more you practice, the more you are able to interpret shapes and patterns of the movements.  There is meaning in the speeds of movement, even lack of movement, when you know how to interpret them. All are significant. Again, the movements of the pendulum are neither mystical nor magical; neither psychic nor extraordinary. What you see is simply your body expressing itself, in response to your question, as tiny muscle movements. That’s how the pendulums movements are created. What you see may not be what you want; it is what you get.

Folk methods: first impressions 

Back in the middle of the last century, when I was first exposed to dousing, I was skeptical. I recall black and white TV images of intuitive water finders, trudging about over dry plains, watching for the wishbone shaped branch they were holding to dip and point at a spot on the dirt. Using this folk wisdom, they were somehow able to discover where to drill a well for water. I wondered, what makes the dousing rod dip?

There is another version in which rods of metal, bent in a right angle, are held straight to the front; and when they cross, that’s where the underground stream is closest to the surface. Intriguing. In high school, I built a device that would roll about on wheels. It had vertical metal tubes that loosely held two pieces of wire bent to right angles. First I walked over a field with the dousing rods in my hands. I saw and felt them cross and dip toward what I supposed was an underground water flow. Whatever it was, it indicated something that was different from the surrounding area. I then rolled my dousing machine over the same area and noted that there was no movement of the rods.

What had been missing was my human intervention. A receptive person was necessary for this to work. The person acted as the receiver and transmitter. For the rods to move, my hands had to move. For my hands to move, my subliminal body needed to be influenced.

The Gaia hypothesis 

At a level of consciousness beneath our awareness, we are Gaia connected. The Gaia hypothesis, also known as Gaia theory or Gaia principle, proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic self-regulatingcomplex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet. That’s from Wikipedia. In other words, we are part of the earth below us, connected with the landscape around us and the sky above us. While we are not aware on a conscious level, our connected selves are continuously tuned in, tapped in, and turned on, to know what is happening in our surroundings and can sense its energy, its flow, its movement.

PetMassageTM dousing 

Dousing in PetMassageTM identifies what and where the inner movements are, their strengths, their patterns. It does more than identify the movements of fluids which carry the chi, life force energy. It communicates with it. The dog’s body responds to the movement of the pendulum, discovering where choices for self correction are needed.

What are the kinds of choices that we facilitate when dogs get PetMassageTM?  Maybe some much needed platelets over here, some lymphocytes over there, a little extra dopamine or insulin at the right time and place. Maybe some extra oxygen, yawn. Maybe a release of tension, stretch. Maybe some much needed opportunities for release and resolution of ROM (Range of Motion) and ROE (Range of Emotion).

PetMassageTM dousing adds another dimension to integrate with vet care 

PetMassageTM Advanced trained practitioners release the need to manipulate the dog’s body to fit into their preconceived notions of what it is supposed to be and do. These are the purviews of veterinarians and the medical community. Rather, by opening to being channeled by the invisible and unknowable, we can support the many essential, life changing movements within the dog’s body that are otherwise, inconceivable.

Dousing in PetMassageTM gives us a way to actually feel when their inner stars align. The deeper the waters, the stiller and more powerful the flow. PetMassageTM Dousing takes us where the real inner healings happen.

PetMassageTM for Dogs Advanced Level Workshop

Learn more about using pendulums in your practice in the PetMassageTM for Dogs Advanced Level Workshop, June 27-July 1, 2016.  There is still room in this workshop, so register for it now.

PetMassageTM Advanced Level Workshop – Full Enrollment

The prerequisite is completion of the PetMassage for Dogs Foundation Level Workshop. You can still register for the May 19-23, 2016 workshop. PetMassageTM Foundation Level Workshop – Full Enrollment

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  1. Mark Oldstrom on June 2, 2016 at 11:11 AM

    My “gut” smiles with affirmation about this. Native American beliefs, which I can generally affirm, support this. But western science wants proof, and physics is a long way from any such proof & understanding. I wish it were not so . . . and it presents a dilemma for me when talking with clients.

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