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Fluid Flow

Fluid Flow

So much significance is placed on lymphatic and other fluid movement is because they can be tracked and measured.

PetMassage™ affects the movement and viability of all the fluids in the body. Besides the blood and lymph, here is a partial list of some of the other fluids in the body: cerebral spinal fluid, digestive fluid in the stomach, intestines and bowels, urine, semen, saliva, moisture in the eyes, sinuses, nose (for smelling), ears (for balance), lungs, interstitial fluid, hydration of the skin and moisture in the coat. And, there is the synovial fluid; the fluid in each of the joints. Synovial fluid is the lubrication necessary for movement. It is produced by and contained within the joint capsules.

PetMassage™ affects all the fluids in the body. Warming fluids reduces their viscosity. They flow easier, drain more readily, and fill cavities more quickly. Increasing movement, enhancing breath, normalizing heart rate, shifting internal pressures, by manipulating coat and skin, heats the body, opens pathways, relieves restrictions, and makes it all happen.

The feel-good experience does not stop when the PetMassage™ ends. The increased respiration, increased lymphatic drainage, and increased cardio-vascular circulation all continue to promote positive, healthy change in the body.

Each session creates a little internal shift. Each massage builds on the most recent version of your dog. As your dog continues to process each tiny course correction, the benefits of dog massage continues to compound.

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