Grounding you

While you are administering a PetMassageTM make sure you are well grounded; that you feel a connection with the earth beneath you.

Benefits of Grounding:

  • sending the signal that your methods and intentions in your PetMassageTM are natural processes
  • keeps you focused
  • helps you establish a deep even breath rate; PetMassageTM becomes a type of meditation
  • helping the dog be more comfortable

Ground is insulation

Grounding is a way to insulate yourself so you do not take on your dog’s discomfort, anxieties, etc. Conscious grounding discharges any fouled chi energy that you might be picking up from your dog. You might be a little embarrassed later in the day to find yourself exhibiting some of his behaviors, like hip soreness, needing to mark every bush you pass, or butt scooting down the sidewalk.

Grounding strokes

The final strokes at the end of each PetMassage are grounding strokes. After twenty minutes of focusing inward and following your lead in his PetMassage, he NEEDS to be brought back into his body and reconnected to his source of life.

Your dog depends on his connection to the earth. Your dog is more intuitively earthbound than we are. He responds intuitively to seismic movements, to magnetic pulls, to underwater aquifers, to the vibrations of crystals, in rocks, and aromas. He has a powerful connection with Earth Chi.

Your grounding strokes provide a sense of collection for your dog, who has been tracking your hands as they’ve moved all over his body. They bring his cognitive and intuitive energies down into his paws (to the ground).

Patterns and rituals

There is another important reason for finishing your session with grounding strokes. Dogs look for patterns. They love rituals. When he feels you begin your grounding ritual, it provides him a sense of closure. Grounding strokes move with the breath. As your hands move down the legs, exhale. Allow your tension to dissipate onto the earth.

It is tie

After a couple of sessions your dog will anticipate your grounding strokes, by smelling your thoughts; like how they know before we do that we are standing up to get their leash and when you both experience the grounding strokes, you both end the session at the same time.

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