I’m pickin’ up good vibrations, bop bop.

Awareness, or presence, or focus increases vibration frequencies.

Whatever we focus on increases its vibration. This is a hot topic in the quantum arena. The results of entire experiments have been shown to be skewed simply because there was an observer.

We are receptive to vibrations.

And have you considered that it works the other way, too?

A heightened vibration will capture/increase our attention.

  • Ooh, ooh, ooh, good vibrations. I’m pickin’ up good vibrations, bop bop. (Brian Wilson, Beach Boys, 1964)
  • You are in a crowded restaurant. You look up and find yourself watching someone who just entered the room. That person’s energy had a heightened vibration.
  • You are seated in your car at a traffic light. Your attention is drawn to the dogs in the car next to you. Their vibrations were broadcasting their presence and you were tuned in to the frequency.
  • You are driving on a freeway and you notice a particular tree in the midst of a forest.
  • You are just visiting a local shelter and that one dog connects with you.
  • You are walking your dog and look up to see a small plane in the distance; this, before you hear the faint growl of the single propeller.
  • You are reading a newsletter and you notice the pattern of spaces between the words and lines. Hey! Pay attention, here.
  • You are hiking through a prairie meadow and pause to admire one tiny wildflower.

During a PetMassageTM, we are especially receptive to variations in body frequencies-vibrations

  • You are stroking across a dog’s upper arm and notice the shape of the muscle under your hand.
  • You are effleuraging a dog and notice that your hand is paused over a particular area.
  • You are scanning an area with you palm and “know” that something isn’t right but you’re not sure what.

Whoa, we didn’t see this curve coming.

We need to train ourselves to access, trust, and respond to the codes that stimulate our awareness receptors. We cannot feel everything we need to with our hands alone. So, I ask for a second opinion.

Second opinion

Who am I asking? Who would know? I ask the one who is pure energy. The one (or two) that’s more connected to the ways of the ether than my mental and physical self. These are my guides. Aka: spirits. Aka: Akashic connections. Aka: Intuitive awareness. Aka: Desert Puppy, my personal guide’s name.

How do I conjure up these mystic entities, you ask? It is easy when you know what you are doing. By muscle testing. Aka: Applied Kinesiology. Aka: Pendulum work. Pendulum releasing and observational interpretation is simply a way to physically and consciously visualize what your intuitive mind is knowing.

Of course, practice makes better, so the more you practice, the more “practiced” you’ll be.

You can learn to access, trust, and respond to the unsee-able and the unfeel-able.

This is a skill set you can learn. Of course, the best way to learn is with personal instruction. So, this is taught in the Advanced PetMassageTM for Dogs Workshop. Advanced graduates and I use this often in our PetMassage sessions. http://petmassage.com/?product=5-day-advanced-workshop-full-enrollment

The prerequisite for the Advanced Workshop is completion of the PetMassageTM for Dogs Foundation Workshop. There are still 2 spaces available in the next Foundation level class. Register by phone at 800-779-1001 to get 10% discount for the November 5-9, 2015 workshop. Call Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 2 PM EST.

This instruction will take the massage you’re offering now, to the stratosphere!

We’ve made this PetMassageTM energy work instruction available as home study course (for credit) and self study personal journey (non credit).

PetMassageTM Energy Work for Dogs is taught in the Energy Work for Dogs Home study course. http://petmassage.com/?product=energy-work-with-dogs-home-study-course-copy
It is covered in the self study 2 part: PetMassageTM Energy Work for Dogs, Accessing the Magnificent Body Language and Body Awareness of the Dog, book and 5-CD audio set. http://petmassage.com/product/petmassagetm-energy-work-with-dogs-book-and-5-cd-set/

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