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Have you been reading these weekly newsletters for awhile?

Every workshop, we ask people why they chose to take their training in canine massage with PetMassageTM. They tell us that they have been reading these weekly newsletters for years and have just been waiting for the right time to take their training. They invariably say that they recognize this school as having a more spiritual approach to dogs, massage and bodywork. While other schools teach a more medical/linear form, they recognize that PetMassageTM takes a different approach. PetMassageTM addresses the dog wholistically: body, mind, and spirit.

They read that sometimes the way to get to the spirit is through the physical. Sometimes it is the other way around. The way to get to the physical is through the spirit. They like that we have found a balance, a consensus, a means of honoring and applying Eastern, Western, alternative, and integrative systems. They like that we are comfortable speaking and teaching what we believe and practice.

The PetMassageTM approach

During a luncheon with our most recent class, we were comparing the PetMassageTM approach to that of vets, people practicing physical therapy with dogs, and canine massage practitioners trained in other schools. Students concluded that PetMassageTM is not allopathic. Neither is it osteopathic, naturopathic, homoeopathic, nor any other “–pathic,” save one. PetMassageTM is empathic.

The intention and body mechanics inherent within each and every PetMassageTM connection, provides a form of communication between practitioner and dog that is unknown –and unexpected- in any other animal massage or bodywork form. There is a joining, a sorting out, and a resolution, of energies. The body, mind, and spirit of each connects with the body, mind, and spirit of the other.

This newsletter is dedicated to you.

To you who have been following these musings about canine massage for the past two years: Just do it. Register for your workshop. Take your online course. Call us if you have questions or concerns.

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