Marketing update

Are you marketing your business as effectively as you could? We have been trying to figure out why our Amazon sales have not been meeting expectations. After talking to the Amazon consultants, we changed the key words to each of our products. Now when you enter: canine massage, massage for dogs or dog chakras, you will find several examples of the PetMassageTM books, DVDs, anatomical charts, Audio CDs and even our patches and decals. Did it make a difference? Yes. The next morning we filled an order for the PetMassageTM for Kids, A Kids Guide to Massaging Dogs DVD.

How does this apply to you? Two ways. First, now you know where to find PetMassageTM books, DVDs, anatomical charts, and Audio CDs (and patches and decals). The second is now you have a reminder to review and revise your online content so that your customers can find you.


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