Massage Reversed Camille’s Bad Breath. Really.

Massage Reversed Camille’s Bad Breath. Really.

Unexpected and Unsolicited Testimonial

Last evening Anastasia and I are walking the dogs around our neighborhood. We paused to chat with some neighbors sitting out on their front steps. Camille jumps up on the fellow’s lap to lick his face. He looks up at us, surprised. He asks “Her breath is so sweet. Do you give her mints?”‬ And, leaning in several times to sniff her mouth, he went on and on about how unusually fresh her breath was.

‪She’d had her dinner. She’d had her 5 minutes of chew time with a raw bone. ‬

The only thing that was out of the ordinary-extraordinary-was shoot a YouTube video with her the previous night. The topic was Halitosis: PetMassage to Correct Your Dogs Bad Breath!

Wow!‬ This was a totally unexpected and unsolicited testimonial! Sometimes I forget how amazing PetMassage is.

Notes for the “Bad Breath” YouTube Video

Here are the highlights; the notes I wrote before filming:

Halitosis or breath with scent of sweet daisies-
Demonstrate with Camille
Causes: ingesting something nasty or physical imbalance coming up from the digestive tract

1 Massaging gums freshens breath.
2 Frictioning: increases circulation,
3 While finger brushing-gentle pumping-enhances capillary circulation, stimulates saliva production and
assesses teeth and gums
3 ways to assess: visual, tactile, smell

Describe each and demonstrate
4 Endorphin Release. Rubbing upper cranial gum, frenulum, is relaxing and enjoyable. We learned about this point in the video about the flew, dog lips (to be released in June). It is a very powerful endorphin release location. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates, designed to relieve stress and enhance pleasure. Universally positive response with dogs and especially horses.

Energy flow TCM, Chakras

While using our fingers to brush their teeth and gums, we stimulate TCM energy points on the Stomach Meridian, increasing saliva production, balancing bile, gastric juice -body water pH.
Stimulates the Conception Vessel for digestive balance, emotional balance, and grounding. The CV flows through the 4th, Heart Chakra, 3rd, Solar Plexus chakra, 2nd, Sexual, Chakra and 1st, Root Chakra.


If your dog’s breath makes you gag, here’s something you can do about it. Fresher breath means a happier, healthier dog. And, a happier healthier you.

Hope you found value in this little video. If you did, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

And please, share this content with your network of friends. Everyone with a dog, at some time, will appreciate a way to freshen their dog’s breath.

Video Schedule

This video will be released on our new YouTube channel in June. It’ll join the other little 3-6 minute videos that we are making for our new “PetMassage Training and Research Institute” YouTube channel. Our plan is to release a new one every Tuesday at 2 pm for the next year.

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