Meridians Pulse and Tongues Tell Stories

Meridians Pulse and Tongues Tell Stories

Would you like to be able to assess the qualities of pulses of individual meridians. All you have to do is learn how to palpate, where to palpate, what to palpate, and interpret what you feel as meaningful information.

Would you like to look at a dog’s tongue and be able to assess for spontaneous shifts in the levels of stress, circulation, and other indicators? All you have to do is learn the how, what, where, and when of tongue evaluation.

“Where can I learn these skills,” you ask?

One-day Workshop: Pulse Palpation and TCVM Tongue Evaluation in Canine Massage

We are so pleased to offer a one day workshop on this topic.  Our presenter is Dr Eva, Eva Groesbeck, DVM, TVCM. The skills you will learn in Eva’s workshop will take your canine massage skills, effectiveness, and confidence to new levels. All PetMassage Practitioners, graduates of all other canine massage and acupressure programs, vets and RVTs need to take this class. It’s that important.

It’s 9-5 on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at the PetMassage School in Toledo. It’s only $200. (IAAMB/ACWT Members get 10% discount) IAAMB/ACWT Application

Advanced Workshop

Eva’s workshop is the day before the 5-day PetMassage Advanced Level Workshop. [Register here]

The Advanced workshop expands on what you learned to be a Foundation Level Practitioner. It includes the home study course on Veterinary Medical Terminology, Advanced Canine Anatomy, and the types of Pathology concerns you will encounter in your practice. The on-site hands on workshop is devoted to your learning and becoming comfortable with advanced palpation, positional myofascial release, applying meditation, breathing and body mechanics, chakra assessment and balancing, enhancing meridian flow, and business/marketing professional development.

It’s a huge amount of content packed into 5 days. This is a venue in which you can also get private advice and support from Anastasia and me. We are your mentors. We want to help you grow as a person and as a practitioner.

The contents in the Advanced Level are all necessary to complete your training. The Foundation workshop was the first half, think of it as Part 1. The Advanced Level is the second half; Part 2.

NCBAAM Exam Prerequisites

The Advanced not only expands your practice, it’s 100 course hours which along with the 100 hours of the Foundation equal the 200 hours prerequisite for sitting for the NBCAAM national certification exam. The NBCAAM recognizes the 200 hour PetMassage program as sufficient training to qualify to take their exam for national certification.

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