PetMassage Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs [DVD] and Kids Doggie Songs CD

PetMassage Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs [DVD] and Kids Doggie Songs CD 

PetMassage™ A Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs [DVD]

Everybody loves massage…especially dogs. Everybody can learn to give PetMassage™ …especially kids. This DVD is a great complement to the book Dogs Kids PetMassage™!

This video, for the first time, introduces children to the skills of canine massage in a genuine, respectful lesson. Join Mari, Brianna and their friends as they learn to PetMassage™ their dogs in a Kid’s PetMassage™ for Dogs workshop.

Kids and parents learn together the difference between PetMassage™ and petting, the importance of asking permission before touching, and how to use all 5 senses in a dog’s PetMassage™. In a fun lively round-table conclusion, puppets review the many benefits they get from PetMassage™.

Bonus Menu Features:

  • Study Guide
  • Resources History of Animal Massage
  • CD Sample and more!

Suitable for Ages 7-12

The PetMassage™: A Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs (DVD) is endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America® and is the educational material for a skills merit patch in PetMassage™.

Cost: $17.95

PetMassage Kids Doggie Songs CD

Music and lyrics composed by Jonathan Rudinger and performed by Charlie Oswanski.

Songs: Thank You for My PetMassage / On My Face/ Where Did I Put My Tail? / Head Withers Stifles Toes / Wag Your Tail / What Do You Do To Do What You Want To Do? / Walk to Me Curvy-Swervy / Respected / Sometimes / No Grabbing / Thank you, thank you. Thank you for my Pet-Mas-sage.

Ages 5 and up.

Cost: $12.95


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