PetMassage Private Sessions

PetMassage Private Sessions

Canine PetMassage™

Dogs at all stages of life, just like humans, derive tremendous benefits with PetMassage™. All breeds, sizes, ages, and conditions benefit.

Jonathan has worked with lap dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs, agility dogs, service dogs, security dogs, search and rescue dogs, and hundreds of family pets.

For active dogs, PetMassage™ helps overworked and compensating muscles by enhancing strength, flexibility, endurance, conditioning, and wellness maintenance.

For inactive and/or indoor dogs, PetMassage™ helps renew skin, coat, joint mobilization, improved isotonic and isometric movements, lymphatic movement. The end result is a stimulated and refreshed dog.

For geriatric and hospice dogs, PetMassage™ is meditation with touch to help you and your dog share memories and emotions while bidding each other goodbye. This palliative care helps comfort your dog’s body and gentle their spirit, while offering you emotional support and an encouraging experience. Jonathan is here to support you both.

Session Details:

  • Canine home appointments available with addition travel fee.
  • Duration of session based on the individual needs of each dog.

Human / People Massage

You will get tremendous benefits from a full body massage as well. Jonathan is an RN, LMT practicing since 1997. Jonathan’s massage techniques has evolved and gentled with strong influences of Orthobionomy, myofasial work, and Swedish massage.  Jonathan’s massage is quiet, gentle, powerfully nurturing and effective.

On-site Fee:

  • $65 per 1 Hour Human Session
  • $65 per Canine Massage Session



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