Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

PetMassage Training and Research Institute YouTube videos

PetMassage Training and Research Institute YouTube videos

Happy Holidays.

This weekend, as you celebrate with the vivacious thrilling and all-absorbing company of your adoring family, and you are covertly searching for some meaningful entertainment on your mobile device, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel: PetMassage Training and Research Institute.

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Visit our home page. Tap the little red icon at the top of our homepage and it will take you there.

These are some of the 30+ short videos from the last few months.

  • Massage in Canine Rehabilitation
  • Transitions
  • PetMassage for Kids
  • The PetMassage Assessment Stroke
  • Keywords vs Key Actions
  • Canine Massage is a Profession
  • Time is Right for PetMassage
  • In PetMassage, Our Hands are our Primary Tools
  • Lethargic Dog Massage
  • Hands to Paws: Application of Techniques for foreleg massage
  • Prepare your hands before giving PetMassage
  • Using your Elbows in Canine Massage
  • Kennel Cough Helped with Massage
  • Force Be with You – Stay Strong and Stable with Centered Awareness
  • Protect Yourself and Your Dog with Grounding & Clearing Your Energy Fields
  • Massage with Dogs that Limp
  • Massage Dog Lymphatics for Their Health and Happiness
  • Canine massage on table vs floor
  • Art and Essence of Canine Massage
  • PetMassage of The Thorax
  • Massage skill: skin rolling
  • Massage for Dogs who get spring and summer allergies.
  • Canine Aquatic Massage is PetMassage
  • Massage for dogs to help with bad breath
  • Moving like a Potted Palm
  • Dog Lips, The Flew
  • PetMassage Classroom Tour
  • Tai Chi 8-Way Breathing in PetMassage
  • You Got A New Puppy! Massage Time!
  • How to Quiet Your Dog with Meditation
  • How Massaging Your Dog Helps You!
  • Why Should You Massage Your Dog?


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