PetMassage Training and Research Institute YouTube videos

Happy Holidays.

This weekend, as you celebrate with the vivacious thrilling and all-absorbing company of your adoring family, and you are covertly searching for some meaningful entertainment on your mobile device, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel: PetMassage Training and Research Institute.

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Visit our home page. Tap the little red icon at the top of our homepage and it will take you there.

These are some of the 30+ short videos from the last few months.

  • Massage in Canine Rehabilitation
  • Transitions
  • PetMassage for Kids
  • The PetMassage Assessment Stroke
  • Keywords vs Key Actions
  • Canine Massage is a Profession
  • Time is Right for PetMassage
  • In PetMassage, Our Hands are our Primary Tools
  • Lethargic Dog Massage
  • Hands to Paws: Application of Techniques for foreleg massage
  • Prepare your hands before giving PetMassage
  • Using your Elbows in Canine Massage
  • Kennel Cough Helped with Massage
  • Force Be with You – Stay Strong and Stable with Centered Awareness
  • Protect Yourself and Your Dog with Grounding & Clearing Your Energy Fields
  • Massage with Dogs that Limp
  • Massage Dog Lymphatics for Their Health and Happiness
  • Canine massage on table vs floor
  • Art and Essence of Canine Massage
  • PetMassage of The Thorax
  • Massage skill: skin rolling
  • Massage for Dogs who get spring and summer allergies.
  • Canine Aquatic Massage is PetMassage
  • Massage for dogs to help with bad breath
  • Moving like a Potted Palm
  • Dog Lips, The Flew
  • PetMassage Classroom Tour
  • Tai Chi 8-Way Breathing in PetMassage
  • You Got A New Puppy! Massage Time!
  • How to Quiet Your Dog with Meditation
  • How Massaging Your Dog Helps You!
  • Why Should You Massage Your Dog?


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