PetMassage™ Anatomical Charts: The Perfect Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

PetMassage charts are each 11” x 14”, laminated. These are perfect gifts this holiday season, for the dog lovers who need to know the specifics of canine anatomy. These are popular with vet techs, vet assistants, dog shelter workers, dog trainers, handlers, walkers, groomers, people who dream of going to vet school someday, and bodyworkers, especially massage therapists.

Contours & Boney Landmarks of the Dog
Essential information for being able to name and visualize identifiable landmarks on the dog’s body. This chart helps to develop a shared vocabulary when communicating with others about their dogs.

Skeleton of the Dog
Identify the bones of the skeleton so that you can visualize their size, shape, location and relationship to adjacent structures while you massage and treat dogs.

Superficial Muscles of the Dog
Identify the muscle structures closest to the surface, beneath the layers of coat and skin. The Superficial Muscles are the ones that are influenced most with the pressure we apply in massage. These are the muscles that you will refer to and document in your client notes.

Dog Joints and Ligaments
Identify the joints and ligaments on the skeleton of the dog. All skeletal movement occurs at the joints. Joints are supported, strengthened, and their movement is directed by the ligaments. Muscles pull at the bones while ligaments determine where and how much the bones move. These are the structures that you will refer to and document in your client notes.

 Chakra & Energy Levels of the Dog
Identify the patterns and layers of Chakras and energy levels of the dog. These are essential concepts and areas for visualization for advanced canine massage. Includes a Chakra table denoting associated color, sound, gland, and action.


The human and canine critters of PetMassage

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