PetMassage Books: Perfect Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life 

Jonathan has written several Books for your PetMassage instruction. They are perfect gifts for dog lovers this holiday season.

Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassage™

“PetMassage creates an ambient environment within the dog’s body and mind by combining touch, and compassionate active presence.” This is a comprehensive text for those who want to learn and practice canine massage professionally. And, those who are serious about learning to massage their own dogs. This text includes discussions on benefits for dogs, their owners, and practitioners, massage theory, vocabulary, hand and body skills, body and breath mechanics, canine behavior, and wholistic observation skills. This book is one the of texts for the Foundation Level PetMassage Vocational Training Program. 305 pages. Link to YouTube video 

PetMassage™ Energy Work with Dogs, Accessing the Magnificent Body Language and Body Wisdom of the Dog

PetMassage affects the mind, body and spirit of the dog. Every human culture since the dawn of time has developed and used some form of massage for purposes both therapeutic and pleasurable. These lessons are all about energy, in all its forms, with instructions for how to incorporate energy work in your canine massage. This is a reinterpretation of adapted Swedish massage, Positional Release, Acupressure, Healing Touch, Chakra balancing and more. This instruction will take your canine massage to a new level of understanding and application.  326 pages. 

PetMassage™ for the Family Dog     

You already massage your dog. Everyone does. And, the skills you learn here will make your massage more effective in keeping your dog healthy and happy. The descriptions are fun to read. The instructions are easy to follow. There are abundant illustrations, and a complete pictorial PetMassage demonstration. Your dogs will benefit with specific massage applications for their hips, spines, and respiratory systems. This is an enjoyable book the entire family can use to learn how to massage their dogs at home. 164 pages. 

Transitions: PetMassage™ Energy Work for the Aging and Dying Dog

Transitions are shifts. They happen throughout our dogs’ lives. Birth, weaning, housebreaking, injuries, diseases, adjusting to changes in the family or changing rituals, diets, and environments; these are all stressful events in your dogs’ lives that massage can help. The most confounding transitions, at least for us caregivers, is the final one, as your dog transitions from this life plane to his next. This book shares the story of Oskar, the boxer and the Transitions massage that helped us accept his passing as a joyful event rather than a tragedy. 104 pages.  Link to YouTube video 

Creating and Marketing Your Animal Massage Business

Your business creation is a direct reflection of who you are. Your business will be an extension of you. It will have your personality, your style, your intention, and your joy. Let’s make it an exercise that is easy and naturally flowing. This is a guide that was written from the perspective of massage therapist who’s been there and done that-not a business analyst who sees the process as complicated and difficult. It’s not. This delightful how-to create a business book is easy to read, and easy to follow. There are basic concepts and processes you need to know for beginning your canine massage or any other business. Learn about planning, developing support networks, licensing, figuring out demographics, promotion, and more. This little book is supports and guides you from the conception of your idea, to naming it, to success. 175 pages. 

Dogs Kids PetMassage™

A balanced dog is a dog that is healthy and happy. His quality of life is even better when he gets massage. A happy kid is a child who learns to incorporate massage in their dog care-taking. There’s more here that ads value to these lessons. While they learn about massage, kids learn important life lessons including observing and controlling their signals, their body language, respect, sharing, recognizing personal space, dog handling and safety. This is part of the PetMassage for Kids Program endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America®. 127 pages. Link to YouTube video 

How to Massage My Senior Dog, Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage™ Sequence

Massage is especially helpful to senior dogs because it increases flexibility, respiration, lymphatic drainage, circulation and overall comfort. They all combine to promote positive healthy changes in his body. Is your dog a senior? Wouldn’t it be great if you could scan his body with your hands and know where the tightness and restrictions are located? Learn how to massage your senior dog and make him feel better. Follow the instructions and help them optimize the quality of their lives. 183 pages.


  • The Human and Canine Critters of PetMassage

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