Pica Energy, Wormholes, nonfood shortcuts to the body, mind, and spirit of dogs

We know there are lots of interesting messages that dogs read into the aromas of other animals’ urine and feces. When the dogs pause to sniff, and inhale and snort the fumes of the roadside novellas around the bases of trees and shrubbery, I can appreciate their enthusiasm, and their excitement. Their intoxication consumes them and they have to be physically pried from their drug of choice. When they in turn lift their bottoms to squirt their marks over the original ones, I think of it as posting a business card on a public announcement board; or covering a bet in poker. I’ll see your piddley wager, cover it and raise.

Walking the boxers the other day I was grossed out by Camille’s attraction to investigate and potentially sample whatever dog poop she noticed. I thought about all the undigested fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals that could still be in it. I also thought about the diseases and critters that might be in it. Maybe, I thought, she had somehow discerned that in one of these dried up piles of …poop…she was finding what she needed to replenish something that was missing in her diet. After all, when she has an upset stomach she intuitively eats grass. It settles her digestive tract. Within hours her system is sufficiently rebooted and she’s back on track.

In nursing school, we learned about a behavior that is common with many women who are pregnant and people in third world countries. They eat “pica.”  Pica refers to the ingestion of nonfood items and the category of items eaten including, but not limited to, clay, dirt, sand, stones, pebbles, hair, feces, lead, laundry starch, plastic, pencil erasers, ice, fingernails, paper, paint chips, coal, chalk, wood, and plaster. Geophagia is the most common form of pica in people who live in poverty and people who live in the tropics and in tribe-oriented societies. Pica is a widespread practice in western Kenya, southern Africa, and India. Pica has been reported in Australia, Canada, Israel, Iran, Uganda, Wales, and Jamaica. In some countries, eating pica is an important part of the culture. In Uganda for example, soil is available for purchase for the purpose of ingestion. . Here’s the interesting part: often the pica substance eaten contains the mineral in which that individual is deficient. Ingesting pica can be a natural intuitive mechanism to increase micronutrient levels. In other words, the body, somehow knowing what is best for it, follows to its unconscious directives to make sure it gets what it needs. “Pardon me,” beseeches Camille, “do you have any gray poopon?”

Interestingly, the term “pica” originates from the Latin word for magpie, (crow) a bird that is reputed for its unusual eating behaviors where they are known to eat almost anything.

PetMassageTM allows us to assist the dog to the entrances of their energetic wormholes; to access the body’s remote wisdom. The body fascia holds the “shortcuts” to the hidden spaces that harbor spontaneous harmony. The seeds of harmony have been there all along, pre-embryonic, waiting, eager for an opportunity to spring into service. Once awakened the seeds become thriving tendrils of psycho/physiologic energy that inspires the whole of the dog to optimize its health, wellness, and happiness. The wormholes raison d‘etre – the purpose that justifies their existence, is their ability-nay, their compulsion, to restore balance to body integrity.

When a body discovers it is out of balance; that it has a deficiency in mind, body or spirit it can intuitively consume pica, and can experience dire physical consequences.  A more pleasant way for your dog to discover course corrections is with canine massage and pulling the PetMassageTM trigger. PetMassageTM facilitates the dog to inner and outer discovery and reconciliation.

PetMassageTM wormhole canine massage TradeMark 😉 provides the means to discovering and working with dogs’ naturally intuition. With PetMassageTM wormhole canine massage, you  tap into purity and balance at the soul-wisdom level. The results of PetMassageTM facilitated self-work profoundly alter the rest of the dogs’ lives, as well as the lives of their people.

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