Resource conservation. We all want to be as efficient with our resources…

Resource conservation. We all want to be as efficient with our resources as possible. Time and money, these are our scarcest resources. These are the reasons we get so many requests for home study programs. With online and home study courses you get to work from home at your own pace and save the money you’d have to spend for travel, accommodations and restaurants. We get that. We agree, to a point. We have several home study programs independent of workshops. We designed PetMassage programs so that you can spend the minimum time and the least amount of money and still get substantial, meaningful training.

The technical material in the Foundation Level Program are the canine anatomy and business development/marketing. These are subjects you can easily learn by yourself at home.

However, I cannot imagine how you could learn canine massage as an art, a hands-on skill set, as a home study course. It’s in the workshop where you learn that canine massage is a multifaceted art. Watch the videos on our Youtube channel You’ll see that the massage we teach is not one-size-fits-all. Each dog has different needs. Each dog deserves and gets individualized treatment.

It is worth repeating that it is essential to have an experienced instructor show you how it’s done and correct you while you learn. That’s how you create correct muscle memory. Otherwise the massage you give is essentially going to be your interpretation of what you think you read in books and watched on videos. What you think is PetMassage will not be that different from the dog petting you do now. Without one-on-one instruction and intervention, you will not have really learned any new ways of doing anything. Where’s the value in that investment?

The time you need to invest for meaningful training is the time you put in studying and practicing before and after your workshop. The workshop is an extended weekend, Thursday-Monday, designed for people who want to take the minimum time away from their current job. It is one 5-day hands-on training intensive. 

The program has one fee that covers everything except your travel and expenses while staying in Toledo. Toledo has reasonable hotel rates and great food at great prices. The course fee includes the home study courses, all your books and DVDs, and the onsite workshop. Meaningful training does take an investment of your time and money. You get what you pay for. PetMassage provides comprehensive, professional level vocational training.

Register for the Workshop you’d like to take. Perhaps you’re a water baby and want to learn and practice Canine Aquatic Massage. Check out the PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage Program. It’s offered 3 times a year.
Here’s the link to the calendar of workshops.

  • How am I going to get the best training in canine massage for the least investment of time and money? REGISTER!
  • Who’s going to find success and self-fulfillment in their new career? ME!
  • When’s the best time for you to register for your workshop? NOW!

I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise with you.

Staying in “touch,”

Jonathan Rudinger

Founder and instructor, PetMassage


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