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Canine Aquatic Massage.

Canine Aquatic Massage. Massaging dogs in a heated swimming pool is an under-utilized therapy that is endorsed by many veterinary and animal rehabilitation resources. The trainers and handlers of sport dogs already know about it. They are seeking ways to access this therapy for their dogs. Let me introduce you to Canine Aquatic Massage, and…

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The school you choose for training needs to fit your personality.

I just responded to an inquiry from a RVT about our school. You may have similar questions. If you do – even if you don’t – please read on.  She writes: Hello, I am an RVT from California currently working as an instructor at a college. I am interested in your program thinking of starting…

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Feel secure with dogs, learn Dog Handling Skills

Feel secure with dogs, learn Dog Handling Skills  In 1998, Jonathan and I adopted our first dog, Oskar. He was a 60 lb. boxer. I was clueless about caring for a dog. My entire pet experience had been with gerbils, hamsters and a cat that was mostly cared for by my daughter, Cheryl. We had…

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Water Puppies For Health and Happiness

Water Puppies For Health and Happiness Water babies Many of us are water babies. I’m not just referring to people who were born in hot tubs ala French obstetrician Frédérick Leboyer; or water-birth in bathtubs with the advice, consent, and support of doulas and midwives. And I’m not limiting water babies to those  born under…

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The PetMassage™ Foundation Level Workshop.

The PetMassage™ Foundation Level Workshop. New workshop model Increasing its breadth and depth Expanding the workshop experience Reducing the fees for repeating practitioners. New PetMassage™ workshop model Recently, Anastasia and I attended a body mechanics workshop. The stated intention of the people who were giving the workshop was that they were going to change the practice of…

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End of the Year Completions and New Beginnings

End of the year completions and new beginnings We see the end of the year on our calendars and think of it as an end and a beginning. New Years Eve is a goal line. It’s the finish line for completing projects you’ve been wanting to get done. One, for many PetMassage™ students, is writing and…

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