End of the Year Completions and New Beginnings

End of the year completions and new beginnings

We see the end of the year on our calendars and think of it as an end and a beginning. New Years Eve is a goal line. It’s the finish line for completing projects you’ve been wanting to get done. One, for many PetMassage™ students, is writing and submitting all the final requirements for the PetMassage™ Foundation Level workshop: videos, home study tests, research paper, and written canine massage documentations.

It is also a perfect time to set goals for the new beginning that starts January 1st, 2017. Consider carefully so that your goals match your potential. You have a big heart. You have a huge soul. You have big, imaginative dreams. You have the capacity for love and caring that can affect the pet dog population of your entire community.

PetMassage™, as you have read in all the weekly newsletters over the past couple of years, is much more than petting dogs. It is an occupation. It is a vocation. It is a profession with specific and documented skill sets, standards of training, scopes of practice, school accrediting bodies, and a professional association (IAAMB/ACWT) for animal massage and bodywork practitioners to network, grow, and influence state level legislation that defines our practice.

Resolution. Now is the time to register, attend, and begin the practice of PetMassage™. We are here to help and guide you in your new canine massage career.

Think big. Imagine doing what makes you happy for a living. Plan huge. Move from “capacity,” which is your future potential, to active deliverer of PetMassage services…and happiness.

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