Right Livelihood

Over the past 20 years Anastasia and I have had several challenging times keeping PetMassageTM going.  Each time we would ask ourselves, would we be as fulfilled if we were working for someone else, or ought we to continue developing our own vision and mission? 
Self-realization and actualization
We remember the life transforming and awakening moment when I happened to tap into the Akashic Record and witnessed the powerful and inspiring vision. It was a playout of the potential of canine massage and a vision of how we, if we chose to act on it, could be instrumental in the manifestation of PetMassage as a valued and recognized vocation.
In this one ecstatic moment I recognized that massage is a need; and dogs need it.  I saw how their needs have urgency. I saw the profound effects when massage bodywork helps the lives of dogs and their people. I saw PetMassageTM Practitioners recognized, appreciated, and valued for their work, their service, their self-realization and self-actualization.

Being on purpose

Recently in an interview with Krista Tippett on the radio program “On Being,” mindfulness teacher Mirabai Bush described the Buddhist concept of “Right Livelihood.” Right Livelihood: what a great phrase describing someone making a living, a livelihood, doing what is right for them.
The person who is “on purpose;” doing what they were born to do; and doing it in a way that incorporates and is consistent with their personal mission and belief system.
With our PetMassageTM program, we have been privileged to be able to help people train for their ideal Right Livelihood. Those who seek us out, are people who love dogs, who want to help dogs, who comprehend and appreciate the power of massage bodywork, and who want to live their dream.
Staying on purpose
The path, when you follow your heart is not always easy. Along the way, we have experienced people and institutions who have marginalized what we are doing as merely petting dogs. We have felt the sting of barbed words from people and institutions who have seen us as possible threats. We have endured tough economic times. We have dealt with our own karma and our clumsy attempts to sabotage our journey. We’ve gone through a lot. Now, we’re experienced and even more confident. Will there be challenges we may encounter in the future? Sure. We eagerly look forward to whatever may come. Why, you ask?
We know that our path, our livelihood, is right. It is right for us, right for the hundreds of thousands of dogs who’ve received PetMassage, and right for you, when you choose PetMassageTM as your Right Livelihood.

Right Livelihood assistance

Do you truly want to grow your PetMassageTM practice? Let us help you. We are more available than being simply your source for the best in canine instruction. Sometimes your vision path has rocks and ruts. When the going is beset with obstacles, we invite you to view us as your mentors. We will be your cheerleaders, your sounding board, your safe place when your vision gets cloudy or your commitments get blurred.
So, when you need some support, we can help you shake yourself off, pick yourself up, and find new ways to remain on purpose.

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