PetMassage For Kids 4-Part Set



PetMassage for Kids, 4-Part Set

This is the perfect gift for the child who loves dogs and who wants to take care of the family dog.

The PetMassage for Kids 4-Part Set includes

  1. Dogs Kids PetMassage, book
  2. Kids Guide to Massaging Dogs DVD 
  3. Doggie Songs Audio CD
  4. Official PetMassage Patch 

In the book and video, the children attend a PetMassage for Dogs Kids Workshop. They learn their basic PetMassage skills using stuffed animals, before working on their own dogs. They learn safe animal handling skills, canine anatomy, and more.  We invite your child to join them. The audio CD has songs your kids will love.

Everyone benefits when a dog regularly receives PetMassage.

  • The dogs gets attention, nurturing touch, and the feeling that they are understood.
  • The child gets to spend meaningful time with the dog, deepen his/her understanding of the power of massage touch, and learn the dog’s body with palpation skills.
  • And, when the dog is healthy, the whole family can relax into a more  harmonious time together.

The lessons on human-dog body language are important skills that kids will use with other people’s dogs so their interactions are safe and compassionate.

Cost: $45.00 -$5.99

If you would like Jonathan to sign or dedicate this set, please contact us. Also, we would be happy to send the set directly to your gift recipient. For this service, your order must be from our website Unfortunately Amazon does not allow us to add any inserts with their shipments. Email your specific instructions to or text them to 1.419.475.3539.



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