The Reveal

The Reveal

Fixer Upper Formula for Success
Anastasia and I enjoy watching the “reveal” on the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. We eagerly look forward to seeing what plans, skills, and diligence they can produce. The show has a formula: the choices, the decision, the demolition phase, the design plan, the effort phase, which shows expertise, communication, and integrity; and the reveal. The reveal is so astonishing that it is compared to a massive, billboard-sized, image of the way the property looked before its transformation. The reveal suggests that the clients, now giddy with happiness, have everything they need to live happily ever on. We know this because the final scene is of them having a festive party in their beautiful new home. 
Martha Stewart, Revealed

Another reveal is the one Martha Stewart makes on her baking show, “Martha Bakes.” After demonstrating how to prepare her masterpiece, her reveal is expressed as she nibbles a bite, smiles to the camera and comments, “Hmmm. That’s very tasty.” 
Sherlock Holmes, Reveals

Mystery novels and movies have their own style of reveal: Sherlock Holmes points out all the clues, and with suspects and police detectives assembled, calls out the churl and proves his or her villainy through his process of deduction. 
Our entertainment has a similar formula

America’s Got Talent, The Voice, sports, comedy, drama, music, our elections, even our relationships, all include the elements of choices, decisions, a design or plan, implementation, and resolution, the reveal. Ah, the drama, the exposition, and the finale.
The PetMassage Reveal

Your PetMassage does the same thing. There is a PetMassageTM formula, too. It is similar to those on Fixer Upper and Martha Bakes.

PetMassageTM offers choices: In his reactions and responses to your touch, the dog in your hands experiences his body. 
The decision

Your dog makes a decision:  Recoiling, resisting, and accepting your leadership and your touch. 
Demo day

Instead of a demolition phase, you offer assessment opportunities. This, as part of the initial Vectoring protocol, informs you and the dog about what you need to focus on during the session. 
The plan

The design plan, which includes the basic formulaic PetMassageTM skills and protocol. Here, you use all the tools that you can think of and determine what is best for this dog, in this moment.
The work

Your PetMassageTM evolves and is modified to suit the dog’s specific needs. As your PetMassageTM progresses, the dog responds, accepts, relaxes, and moves into his optimal comfort. During a recent session, the entire focus was on lymphatic drainage. Everything I did was intended toward that end.
The reveal

And then, there is the reveal. By the end of the session, your dog’s body, mind, and spirit have a reinvigorated sense of balance and wholeness. The dog who had the lymphatic drainage session had a bounce in his gait and was practically glowing! Your revitalized dog shakes, showing his gratitude, acceptance, and integration of the bodywork he just experienced. You and the pet’s human compare how the dog looks, moves, and acts, to the way he looked, moved, and acted just 45 minutes earlier, prior to his treatment. Giddy with endorphins, the dog is throwing a party in his beautiful, better functioning home.

This reveal, and the conclusion, and the continuing benefits, of every PetMassageTM is astonishing! Your canine clients now have everything they need to live more happily, ever on.


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