Time flies like an arrow

Daylight Saving Time

This weekend we will be having our semiannual time change to Daylight Saving Time. For those of us who live in cooler climates of the United States, it is spring, so we reset our clocks one hour ahead and spring forward.

Dog time; it’s a good time

Time is moving along for our dogs, too; although they apparently do not care about the specifics. Then again, our boxers know precisely when their meal times are. Dogs are aware that the seasons are changing. Days are getting longer. Each day the sun rises a little earlier and sets a little later. The sky has taken on a different tint. It has subtly transitioned from its silver base taking on a more golden tone.

The dogs are spending more of their time outside, basking in the warmth and responding to the tail shakes of the playful squirrels. When the little tree climbing darlings dare to descend to the ground, the dogs are up and at ‘em.

Especially our elder one, Lola. Lola is 11 now. Her addiction to the joy she finds in chasing squirrels is greater than that of our 4 year old, Camille, just lopes along after her, disinterestedly participating in the game. Lola has a fast boxer scamper, both rear legs moving together, forward under her and back behind her. She effervesces and it is contagious. My heart fills with joy, as I watch her. Go on, go quickly, Lola. Get to the tree before the squirrel notices your approach. And, jump up high as you can onto the trunk. This time maybe you’ll catch her.


The image of an hourglass arises like flotsam onto the surface of my consciousness. In other words, I just thought of an hourglass and would like to incorporate it into this article. I guess I just have.

I used to use a little red plastic 3-minute timer for perfect soft boiled eggs. That worked well until, I’d developed the condition known as OLS. Oh look, squirrel. I’m easily distracted. I rely on a bell to get my attention now. It is amazing to me that in the space of three minutes I can be doing something totally unrelated in another part of my home.

We’ve seen beautifully elaborate hourglasses in auctions and antiques shops. Massive blown glass artifacts artfully suspended in carved wood or intricate ironwork. They were functional as well as decorative. They were used for marking out periods of time. Mostly they were used to determine when a villain’s patience would run out for a hero or heroine. I know this because I’d paid close attention to the plots in old movies.

The top half of the hourglass empties as the final grains of sand slip through the tiny aperture into the bottom receptacle. It is the symbol for the end of an era. And when the glass is turned over to begin another cycle, it’s the fresh beginning for another. The shifting sands of time continue to flow. Over and over, the glass turns to reset, sand within moves at steady rates, for different intervals, and through different vessels.

Buddy, can you spare the time? Spring is a time for change

Spring is a time for new beginnings. A time for starting over; for rebirth, for resurrection. Lots of puppies are born at this time of year.

The spring is also a time of change that signifies completion, ending, for dying. Your dog may have completed his task of keeping you safe, warm and accompanied through the winter. You have made it to the new season; these jobs are now complete. 

At the end of our dog’s life

Of course at the end of our dog’s life, we are concerned about our dog’s comfort and well-being. We have done as much as we know how to make him comfortable. Our vets have told us to wait; wait for some signal to know when his end is imminent. While we are waiting, we need to begin to take care of ourselves. We are upset. That’s natural. As their world is turning over, our world is turning inside out.

We are soon to be losing a best friend, a best companion, a confidant, a safe place, a mate with whom we’ve shared some of the most intimate moments of our life.

The hour glass drains. There is one more adventure we can share. We can now begin the healing –ours and our dogs- with the Transitions PetMassageTM.

The Transitions PetMassageTM

The Transitions PetMassageTM is an activity of gentle, loving kindness. It is a means for achieving loving kindness, blessings and forgiveness, for your dog and also for you. The Transitions PetMassageTM is a very slow, thoughtful session of hands-on balancing of energy.

As you move through the process described in the book, you recognize that it is truly a vehicle for sharing and integrating emotions. You sit quietly together; you, with your hands moving slowly, pausing from time to time, to rest softly on his body. You share this space and moment in time. It is a kind of meditation. Thoughts, emotions, and memories drift into your awareness.

Thoughts, emotions, and memories

It’s the little things. These are the memories that surface. Shared moments make up the real story of your lives together. There was the time when you noticed his face in your rear view mirror; he was sitting there, simply watching you. When your eyes met, he’d looked away.

With each memory, each image, breathe, and allow it to play out completely, before opening your memory gates and moving on to the next image that surfaces.

There was the time when you were out on a walk and he pulled at you so he could get closer to a scent on a bush. There was the time when he sat and waited for you to give permission before he dove into his food dish. There was the look he would give you when he wanted to go for a walk. You smile as you watch him in your minds eye, and see him feverishly attack the spray nozzle of the lawn sprinkler and gulping whatever he could. He had a tender way of lowering his body as he greeted a small puppy. You can feel him curling into the cove behind your knees as you lie in bed on your side and with a deep sigh, he thumps his heavy head onto your thigh.

Each of these memories has a scent that your dog smells. He knows, understands, and shares each loving moment as you relive it.

He is in his quiet moment of openness and sharing, too. Surely he is having his own Cirque du Soleil® experience, as well. He remembers and shares his thoughts with you; and you, in your own way, smell them. This is the energy transfer during the Transitions PetMassageTM. This all happens at a level we cannot know and can only surmise, is true.

Also, happening at a level we cannot know but can only surmise is true is the unseeable hand that eventually grasps, lifts, and turns the hourglass.

You are the one

With the Transitions PetMassageTM, Energy Work for the Aging and Dying Dog, you are the one who grasps, lifts, and turns your dog’s energetic body. The Transitions PetMassageTM is a beautiful way to remember treasured moments, wordlessly express your love, and bid your dog fare thee well on the next leg of his journey, wherever and whatever it may be.


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