Toning the spirit of your distant or deceased animal.

There is another application for toning; one that I thought I’d save for another of my Helpful Hint blogs. Add it to your energy work.

Charge your palms by rubbing them together. Cup them to form an energy ball. Charge the energy ball by breathing with your hands; pulling them slightly apart and feeling them draw back toward each other. Visualize the spirit of your distant or deceased animal infusing into the energy. Tone. Feel the sound absorb into the energy in your hands. Feel the response of the spirit. It’s as if it is looking up at you. It knows that you know and that you know it knows. You are connected. You share the moment.

Continue to tone, hum, and speak the words that your heart needs to share. You will know when your message is complete.

We just had Camille, our boxer, transition. She is free from a relationship with a body that was not supporting her. I’ve been toning with her spirit and it is joyous.

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