Transitions PetMassage

Transitions PetMassage

Letters ten yards high

During our recent PetMassage Advanced Workshop, when I introduced the subject of Transitions PetMassage, I could feel the students’ anxiety rise around the table. The term TRANSITIONS in big bold letters reared up before us. The letters were ten yards high, pulsing, throbbing, overwhelmed us.They were screaming and unavoidable. We had to confront death and everything associated with it: tragedy and grieving and sadness, despair, helplessness and the imminence of it.

“Whoa,” I said, “let’s discuss what Transitions, really means. It is sometimes about the ‘final transition,’ death; but not usually.”

Transitions PetMassage describes every PetMassage. Every dog is always going through some sort of transition. Let’s think of transition as any shift, growth, movement from one level of physical, behavioral, mental, or spiritual level to another.


It could be as simple as digesting a meal, thinking about a squirrel and then about something shiny, processing the change of physical environment when the family moves to a new home, and/or processing the change in family dynamics when someone new enters the family pack or someone who is part of the landscape leaves.

The big, bold letters with their heavy-handed implications began to pixilate. They softened, faded, rippled as if floating on water, and dispersed. We could breathe easier. The term Transitions, simply suggests a massage that’s restorative; one that assists dogs to realign with their natural life-force and flow.

Every PetMassage is a transitions massage. Dogs have trillions of transitions throughout their lives.

End of life Transitions

They only have one final one.

This opened up fascinating discussions of life and death, health and disease. I love facilitating the Advanced Level Workshop.

From my perspective, I believe that we are all on individual paths riding our individual and collective streams of energy at the soul level. Our “lives” began eons before we were born in this form and will continue forward for eons. When we die, “life” as we recognize it, ends, and our spirits are freed to transition to whatever our next phase is. It could be hopefully a dog who lives with you or me. It could be in the form of another human, a bird, a fish, a mosquito, a tree, or something in another galaxy. Maybe, another entire galaxy.

When put in this context, the end of our dog’s life is not that big a deal. It is part of the natural sequence within an eternal journey. PetMassage can never be used to force or make a dog die. It does have the beneficial effect of releasing and resolving energetic barriers, spiritual obstructions, to allow the dog to move on. Many dogs refuse to die because they sense an obligation to stay on to take care of their people.

End of life Transition PetMassage

The process of the Transitions PetMassage creates a venue for meditation, for opening ourselves to sharing memories, for sharing acceptance, and for sharing goodbyes. The transitions massage can be done by a pet parent. It can be done  by a PetMassage practitioner who functions as a facilitator, a witness, a councilor. Animal communication experience is helpful but not necessary. What is necessary is someone to support and validate what the pet owner is thinking and feeling.

There is a visual in the book, Transitions, PetMassage for the Aging and Dying Dog, that I’d like you to imagine. At the conclusion of Don Quixote, Cervantes described Don Quixote and his trusted squire, Sancho Panza, after they had completed their series of adventures, tilting at windmills, etc. They mounted their horses and rode off in all directions. Rode off in all directions … at once. This sounds to me like what happened to the big scary letters that read “Transition.”


The book, Transitions: PetMassage Energy Work for the Aging and Dying Dog,

The Transitions Home study course:


  1. Mary Kay on October 26, 2016 at 5:27 PM

    Jonathan, your thoughts and intents and purposes, and your writing are simply beautiful and elegant. Not to mention profoundly provocative. Blessings on you for all the good you bring to our dogs and people. You ROCK!

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