Two framed photographs 

Reiki enhancement

Attended a show at an art gallery recently. Saw two identical framed photographs one was priced $50 more than the other. The only difference was that the more expensive one had a little sign under it stating it had been Reiki’d. Energetically charged. Aligned. Blessed. I thought to myself, and everyone who would listen to me, how absurd is this?

Energetically charged items

Then, as I thought about it, I recognized the power of all the emotionally charged items I surround myself with. Every object speaks to me with memories and a multiplicity of inchoate emotions. I look at the collection of artwork around me and remember where I acquired each piece, if and why I still appreciate it, how my interpretations of it have changed vis-à-vis my life situation. I think about the impact of each of their shapes, sizes, and colors individually, and their relationships with each other and the spaces they occupy on the walls, on tabletops, in niches, or displayed with their sculpture stands. I think of the conditions of the pieces such as the small Chinese print I inherited (another set of memories with tangents). The image is of butterflies delicately poised above the suggestion of a branch with leaves and blossoms. The print is elegant in its design and simplicity; however at one time in its past it had been hung on a wall exposed to direct sunlight and all the yellow pigment has bleached away. Extant is the harsh unnatural blue where there ought to be gradations of green, red, where there ought to be softly shaded orange, and bare space where there ought to be splashes of happy yellow. Each time I look, it is an exercise in creativity and visualization. I find myself correcting the colors, filling in with my imagination all the contributing yellows.

Cognitive choices

I look around at each knick-knack, each business card, a ballpoint pen with advertising printed on it, the collection of books I’ve chosen for my office credenza, and notice that each has a very special history with, and for me. Each mug I choose for my morning coffee is a conscious decision. This is the mug with its particular shape, and color, and heft, and associated pleasant feelings is the one that I am including in the beginning of my day. Each bowl I choose to use for popcorn or cereal or fruit, the particular knives I use for slicing bread or cutting melons, the 30 year old wooden spoon dedicated for brownie batter mixing, and every other utensil, is profuse with memories and connections. The t-shirt I selected to wear today, the second of a closely paired pair of socks, or the belt I put on, or the brand of golf ball I select from the assortment in my bag, are all very cognitive choices; based on very personal experiences. 

What if I had encouragement for some choices and discouragement for others? What if I had a set of personal coaches who knew better than I for each activity?

Oh, my guides

Last week I had a Healing Touch session. It began with meditative breathing and then the facilitator called on my spirit guides for healing. I started to chuckle because as she was calling them, I distinctly heard one of them calling “Marco.” They were pleasantly engaged, playing a children’s game. Oh, my guides. They are apparitionally wild and crazy spiritual masters.

Which suggests that my guides could have independent existences on their astro-level. They would have their own networks and forms of communication. They might confer with other masters at other astro-levels, ala Eckankar, when they aren’t that busy with their wards. They’d be like the professors who are available to students as resources; and who have their own paths on which they continue with their own research. They maintain their professional distance. I’d like to imagine that their discussions amongst themselves would be high toned. Their collective intention would be appropriate for wise, invisible, timeless, spaceless, odorless entities that tap in, turn on and tune in to each other; as would be their humor. And then again, maybe not, Snot. “Polo.”

If there is the possibility that someone’s external charging, blessing, will enhance any of the items in my life, how can I refuse it? This is a conceptual ritual that is part of the human psyche. Throughout our history, we have believed that external forces influence us. And, that we have some influence on the external forces. “Feel the Force, Luke.” “Be the ball, Danny Noonan.” Feng shui defines the energetic qualities of locations and movement very carefully. We, maybe not you or me specifically, but we, as a civilization, offer sacrifices, ask for blessings, forgiveness, luck, and more often than not, just five more minutes of sleep in the morning. We have our homes blessed when we move in and our bodies blessed when we move out. In between we leave change around with notes to pay it forward, send hopeful messages in bottles out to sea and hang biodegradable strips of paper charged with affirmations and wishes on low branches where the natural elements can sense them and include them in their manifestations.

Marco Polo: An innate need for belief

We have an innate need for belief in something outside ourselves that can listen to us, assist us, reward us, hold us accountable, or punish us.

Would I pay an extra fifty bucks for the second print? Perhaps. After all, it is not just any ordinary framed print. It’s special. It has had its own Reiki attunement! If it were the artist’s best work, it could even be a Reiki Master-piece. It would be worth it for just the story I could tell about it.

The charge of a PetMassageTM touch

Now, what does this have to do with canine massage and PetMassageTM in particular?

The dogs, when you first receive them, are like the first print. Their bodies are operating with their own sets of biomechanical, kinesthetic, energy patterns. They have well defined sets of connections and relationships with things and thoughts. Think of the exuberant joy dogs experience, process, and share when you reach for their leash, or the treat jar, or the brush you use to groom them, or speak the words “walk” or “car.” When they can get out of the way of the physical issues that are distracting them, their thoughts and things can realign in ways that make their lives more comfortable. That’s the charge of a PetMassageTM.

PetMassageTM EnergyWork

In earlier blog posts, I’ve described the relationship between the movement and various qualities of presence. I’ve written about how PetMassageTM touch charges the tissues, biomechanically, energetically, and by issuing responsible directives. The power of PetMassageTM is to have a means to delve deep, harnessing the internal powers, plus tap the potential realignment powers of the etheric, to channel whatever is there for support. How Reiki-like! The elegantly simple, yet awesomely effective acts of actively observing to gently redirect tissue movement are in themselves blessings! Ben, Spiderman’s uncle was right when he intoned “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Now that’s definitely worth the extra half a C-note!

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