How “now”

Dogs know. They live intuitively in their ever shifting reality of the “now.” Our dog Camille is totally invested when she is gnawing contentedly on a raw bone. Totally committed. Totally focused. She is the bone chewer. Working the bone is a totally immersive experience. All she hears is the sound of her teeth scrunching against the bone. All she feels are the grating vibrations in her teeth and jaw. All she smells and tastes are the ripe marrow and subsurface of periosteum. Behind her closed eyelids dances her uninterrupted vision of primal ripping, tearing and consuming of vanquished prey. Camille is the moment. She is spiritual master in the “way of being.” Camille demonstrates for us how the present is experienced more powerfully when our awareness is fully committed.

Only the “present”

We’ve learned from our dogs, and other “way of being” masters, that there is only the “present.” The present is all we have; all we can live in. We do not live in the past. Nor, do we, or can we, live in the future.

Set the goal to be exclusively present in each PetMassage™.

Being exclusively present with the dog in your hands is not always easy. Especially for someone with OLS, Oh Look: Shiny. Whenever my client asks me a question, whenever I notice the texture of my environment, whenever I notice some internal or external distraction, whenever I sense a disconnect between the dog and me, and whenever I happen to remember to observe my breath (my intuition surfacing to tell me something), I redirect my awareness and reconnect with the dog. My method is to feel my feet on the floor and observe two or three slow and controlled breath cycles. The act of observing grounds me; recharges my energy, and my cleansing breaths refresh my scent. The process of reconnecting momentarily supercharges the quality of my presence. It is so palpable, the dogs almost always turn to look at me.

2017 Goals

Tony Robbins, the life success coach writes, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

My goal for 2017 is to be available and present for you when I teach you in PetMassage™ workshops and whenever you contact me. Remember how Camille was so present in her moment? That’s the commitment of my pledge. When we speak, it will be good and productive. Let’s take the “invisible,” the goal you’ve been projecting for so long, and make it “visible.”


This year, in 2017, begin your training when you attend your first PetMassage™ Foundation Level Workshop and/or Canine Aquatic Massage Program, take your practice to the next level with the Advanced PetMassage™ Workshop, refine your skills with a Refresher workshop, and/or take a continuing ed. PetMassage home study course. Pursue your professional dream job. Let us help you shape your destiny. Turn the invisible into the visible. Train to be a professional PetMassage™ Practitioner.

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