Greatest Love of All

Greatest Love of All

Woke up this morning with the lines of a Whitney Huston song* on loop-repeat in my head. This has never happened before. At least not with this song. It’s amazing what floats up to consciousness in the last moments of a dream. It’s special when dreams continue into waking state.

“I believe the children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside…”

And repeat and repeat in my ear

The lyrics kept repeating as I started my day; taking care of the dogs morning routine, preparing breakfast, and checking my messages.

Throughout my morning meditation the phrases continued. “Teach them well” bubbling up to the surface. Sinking back into – “let them lead the way” – patterns of expanding diminishing circles.

I cannot move on until I’ve processed them. Maybe I need to pay attention.

Inner child with super powers
I think “children” can be reinterpreted as “our inner child.”

I think of the inner child as our pure essence. The spirit “beauty we possess inside.” Innocence. Purity. Clarity. Honesty. Simple truth. We need to acknowledge what we are. Who we are. Validate it. Remember our purpose. Release our power. Give it the reins. Let it ride. “The children are the future.” Let it (our true selves) lead us. It is YOUR way. Let it BE the way.

Early choices

So often we are following a plan modeled by others, or one we chose when we were very young and impressionable. I remember deciding when I was 8 or 9 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up. It was after reading a book about a French art dealer. That momentary decision directed me into a 30+ year career track.

Role models

Many of us idolized our parents. We wanted to be just like them. So doctors kids go to med school. Farmers cultivate farmers. Cops kids are cops. Military kids continue traditions of military. Teachers beget teachers. Entrepreneurs create new and better entrepreneurs.

Before outside influences we were already whole

Before we had any influences from our books, PBS tv shows, family, friends, and teachers, we really already knew what we’d be good at. We knew intuitively what pleases us; what gratifies and satisfies. And, what doesn’t. We knew what makes us happy. We came into this life with a set of talents, proclivities, developed personalities, and points of view.

There was a little girl my daughter used to play with when she was 3-4 years old. Little Coreenie was the same age as my daughter; and moved as a dancer. Her angelic face and delicate hands, always positioned just so. When she sat, she alighted. Her skipping was graceful; posture straight and carriage sublimely rhythmic and balanced. When she ran by, music drifted in her wake. Her movements were more than a talent; it was who she was.

Reconnecting to who you are

You may have forgotten-or misplaced-your connection to the talents you were born to.

“Let the children lead the way.” Let’s pay attention to, and honor the wisdom of our inner child.
When you own it, concepts and skills come easily. Readily.
It is so natural and comfortable we feel we have already been in training for it.
We know it -understand it- at the deepest level: intuitively, it feels right. It is right for us.

  • It is our truth.
  • It is our earliest personal vision of what is the most joyful.
  • It aligns our hopes, dreams, and innate talents.
  • It’s a continuation of our spirit journey
  • It is -when we choose to follow our muse- our destiny.

Love is easier the 2nd time around

Most of our PetMassage students have decided to pursue the path of canine massage because they have reconnected with the dreams of their inner children. They’ve completed the first career. They reconnected with a way of life that’s more fulfilling, more simpatico with their nature. They searched their souls and rediscovered their compass.


We all have some skills in which we excel and others that we enthusiastically leave to others. For example, I can do bookkeeping. I’m just not very happy while I’m doing it. My aforementioned daughter, loves it. She was born with a knack for organizing. Karma.

Not everyone is a dog person. Not everyone excels at drawing, or writing, or playing music, or athletics. Then there’s mathematics, and cookery, and following logical sequences. Oh, and speaking foreign languages, being able to complete thoughts, write run-on sentences, being social, and/or being comfortable being alone. Not everyone is organized, or blissfully scattered, or focused, or happily multitasking.

Tribal songs

Some of us have identified our true passions as loving dogs and wanting to help them using massage and bodywork. We are the members of a tribe: spirit brothers and sisters. The voices of our inner children sing similar songs in beautiful harmony.

Helping you along your path

I was fortunate to have discovered the PetMassage for Dogs path for myself over 20 years ago. We created the PetMassage™ School so we could help others of our tribe discover and develop your individual spirit journey.

Wake up. What’s that song?

“PetMassage Balances Dogs and Their People. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.”

You are “their people.” You are the “beauty.”

“Your inner child knows you best; leads the way; with all the beauty inside…”

Follow your bliss

PetMassage™ is “Dedicated to the Growth and Development of Canine Massage.”

Learn about and register for upcoming PetMassage Foundation Level workshops, PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage Program), one day workshops, home study courses, and independent studies..

*Greatest Love of All lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Songwriters: Linda Creed / Michael Masser

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