PetMassage for Kids’ Safety 

Happy dogs, Safe Kids

The happiest dogs are the “dogs kids massage.” The safest kids are the ones who massage their dogs.

PetMassage for Kids is a sweet little program that teaches kids how to respect dogs and care for them with massage.

Lessons Learned Early Inform Citizenship

I don’t know what my childhood would have been like without my dogs.

important life skills I learned with my dogs

  • Dog training and handling
  • Feeding
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Vet visits
  • Animal husbandry(!)

I learned to read body language

  • The eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth
  • Top line
  • Hackles (withers)
  • & Tail

I learned social skills:

  • Treats, and when to use them. I’d eat the four little corners of the Milk bone biscuits and the dog would get the middle. So, sharing.
  • Caring
  • Responsibility
  • Respect for personal space
  • Compromise
  • Friendship, Devotion, and Love.

These are the skills that make good citizens and responsible pet owners. It’s all based on respect and kindness.

The PetMassage for Kids 4-part set

Following the book and DVD, your child follows other kids in a canine massage workshop using stuffed animals as they learn dog handling skills and dog massage. We sing songs and a patch reminds them to practice kindness and respect.

  • The book Dogs Kids PetMassage
  • The DVD A Kids Guide to Massaging Dogs
  • The CD, PetMassage Doggie Songs for Kids
  • and The official PetMassage patch.

In addition to the skills of canine massage, these are some skills that kids learn:

Psychosocial skills:

  • A world exists outside of them
  • Body language tells a lot and the signals are the same with people
  • Eye contact is a powerful form of communication
  • Dogs have a personal space
    •  Walking in gentle curves enters someone else’s space comfortably
  • Their behavior that cause anxiety in their dogs (and adults)
    • Examples: fast movements, high pitched and loud sounds, and the scent of fear.
  • Kids learn the basics and benefits of dog massage and dog safety.

Kids and Dogs Live Together

Our pet dogs are important members of our families. And in the USA, there are a lot of them.

  • There are 90 million dogs.
  • Dogs are in 60 million households.
  • 45% of all families have dogs.

Alarming dog bites statistics:

  • There are over 5 million dog bites each year in the US.
  • The majority of dog bite victims are children under 7 and adults over 65.

You’ve seen kids run up and grab at a dog’s face. If a kid acts like a dog, the dog will play like a dog. Grabbing the side of the cheek is the way dogs play with each other. They’ll grab the cheek with their teeth and drag the other dog around. It’s great fun … for dogs. Canine skin is tougher than human skin, and dogs don’t know the difference. That’s the reason so many of the dog bites are to the face. Dogs are just playing … doggie style.

The bites are not from random, loose vicious dogs prowling through the neighborhood, looking for trouble.

  • 77% of the bites are from dogs of family and friends
  • Tells us that kids do not know how to interact with dogs safely and respectfully

The modern disconnect. 

Dog care and safe handling skills are not part of our school’s curriculum. We need to teach kids at home how to interact safely and respectfully with dogs.

Several years ago, we attended a National After-school Association Education conference. There were hundreds of vendors promoting their afterschool programs. Amidst all the STEM science, math, computer and language skills there we were, with the only program that addressed the natural connection of a kid and his dog. And that was PetMassage. Our little vendor booth was consistently crowded. Everyone wanted to be in the space that promoted calmness, nurturing, humanity.

This PetMassage for Kids 4-part set teaches kids safe dog handling skills and respectful massage. It’s the perfect gift for a kid with a dog. Use it to teach your kids to be safe and respectful.

Watch the PetMassage for Kids’ Safety video on the PetMassage Training & Research Institute YouTube Channel to discover how this massage form was first discovered.

Calls to Action:

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