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Vivienne Pastars, a beautiful spirit from Australia who traveled to the PetMassage School in Toledo Ohio for her Foundation Level Program Training, was asked to write an article about canine massage for the Australian magazine, Holistic Bliss. She wrote me saying she didn’t want to reinvent the wheel so she shared one of the PetMassage Helpful Hints blogs. The one she chose was, Time is Right for PetMassage. I felt honored that she used my prose to represent her views and use it to promote canine massage where she lives. Vivienne is the owner of Zen Dog Massage in Queensland.

Vivienne titled her article: All dogs benefit from regular massage. She writes, “To answer a common question, “Why would you massage a dog?” it made sense to share this recent article by Jonathan Rudinger, pioneer in the field of canine massage and founder of the PetMassage™ Training and Research institute, Toledo Ohio. Jonathan has decades of experience accumulated knowledge and proven results. That’s why I chose to travel to the Institute in the USA and study with him to become a PetMassage™ Practitioner.

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