Speaking in Tongues In PetMassage; Internalized Sensations

Speaking in Tongues In PetMassage; Internalized Sensations

Aromas are Conversational

Dogs skin releases aromas during PetMassage. They are different when the dog is sick, healthy, tired, hungry, fearful, lonely, happy, stressed, anxious, holding back, and/or simply relaxing. This is how dogs know so much about each other … and us.


These aromas are not actual smells. They are the scent of pheromones, hormonal chemicals the body produces as a byproduct of its self-protective systems. They are most concentrated around orifices: anus, vagina, penis, nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. And, they are emitted through the pores of the body’s largest organ, the skin. The subtle scents are constantly shifting, depending on the dog’s body’s current state of affairs.

Subliminal Empathy

I cannot smell them. They are much too subtle. Subliminal. It is a wordless conversation. My body’s endocrine system understands. It reads and responds to them by producing empathically complementary chemicals.

How can I tell if I’m responding to an unconscious stimulus? I breathe through my nose and keep my mouth closed during massage. It keeps my mouth free of hair. With my lips clamped shut, I notice the pressure in my oral cavity has variations.

The Suckling reflex. 

If I’ve created a vacuum in my mouth that I can feel on my tongue, it often corresponds to a tension in the dogs’ body where my hands are working. My attention then focuses on relieving previously uncharted tension in that area.

Move Along; Nothing Happening Here

If my tongue is freely moving it means the tissues are freely moving. And, all is well.



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