Spray painting

Here’s another helpful tip, the purpose of which is to enhance the delivery of your canine massage:

We are instructed to spray of paint in a continuous movement, sweeping the spray pattern, moving from side to side, and from the outside of one edge to past the other edge. Even with our application of our most careful swathes of spray, we can miss a spot or leave thinner streaks. Then, we have to go back and fill in with more paint. So, we hold the nozzle over the area that needs to be covered and spritz a quick shot of color. Maybe once is enough; probably not.

The longer we hold the can of spray paint with the nozzle depressed, the deeper and more opaque the paint gets. We watch in frustration as the spot grows wider and wider. Very quickly, we notice that holding the button down causes the paint to run. It is no longer sticking to what has already been applied. Now, we watch as a thick drip slowly runs down the smooth surface; an incongruent texture. The (gasp) sign of an amateur, on our beautiful surface. The spot is now dramatically out of balance with the rest of the panel. As we continue to spray, it becomes grosser and disharmonious. The entire panel feels wrong; and it started out so well!

This analogy applies to touch. This analogy applies to the whole massage. As with most things that are good for us, too much of a good thing can be disastrous.

It takes time and practice to be able to recognize the signs for when to stay with your still-hold and when to move on.

When in doubt, remember this advice: less is more.

Okay. That’s the whole message for this week.

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