PetMassage Energy Work with Dogs (ceu’s 15)



Title: PetMassage Energy Work with Dogs [PetMassage Home Study Course]


Everything is energy. There is no separation between your dog’s energy-body and her physical-body. Energy can be influenced. Rechanneled. Excited. Calmed. In this course, you learn to enhance the energetic quality of your life, the lives of your dogs, the lives of your canine / dog clients, and their pet parents / owners.

For an effective PetMassage, it is essential for you to recognize the dynamics that occur between you and your dog as your two energetic bodies unite. The skills that you’ll learn in this course are ones that you will easily use and add to your practice.

Energy work, the subject of this course, is an extension of PetMassage energy introduced in the PetMassage Foundation Level workshop. Follow the text, PetMassage Energy Work with Dogs, Accessing the Magnificent Body Language and Body Wisdom of the Dog, and you will grow, chapter by chapter, developing greater insight into the entire massage and bodywork process.

This Course enhances your understanding and use of bodywork energy concepts. You will learn body and energy mechanics, as well as the application of them with specific techniques used in the PetMassage Advanced Level Program.

This course is included as preparation for the PetMassage Advanced Level Program.

Objectives / Goals:

  • Define energy.
  • Define energy work.
  • Understand how your personal energy affects dogs.
  • Learn how to apply energy practices; integrating PetMassage with Yin and Yang, meridians and acupoints, chakras and energy vortexes, positional release of muscular restriction and their fascia memory, and charging your intention.


Included Materials:

Prerequisites: PetMassage™ Advanced Workshop


Certificate of Completion Earned? Yes

Completion Requirements:

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) / Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available For: Animal Massage Practitioners, Massage Therapists (MTs)

Number of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) / Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Earned: 15


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